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Υour new position in front of the PC

UNIQUE mouse

animates TV


now with


you can use your PC’s hard drive directly.

The computer hard drive is probably one of the most precious things you have at home. There is a whole world in there.
By connecting it to the TV you get unique skills.


So with key you can:

play PC games,


watch your videos and music on TV,

save and file any TV program you want

and view it whenever you want.


The key has the ideal size

the size of a gamepad

Unlocks the PC world on the TV




Typing is easy. It looks like typing on a mobile phone or a tablet.


This is ideal for surfing. It can also be used in applications, games, and even in word processing on TV.


One-touch, release and grab technology

One-touch release and grab technology allows not only the mouse to be grasped on the key by UNIQUEmouse, but to be released from it automatically by simply touching it by the hand


The special small magnet is activated by a simple user movement.


By putting the hand on the mouse, the mouse is released and, when you leave it, it is automatically held. So holding and releasing the mouse from the mouse pad are instantaneous.


This is very important for a console used on the couch or on the bed.



The size of a console for TV is very important. key is specially designed for TV. So its size is similar to a game pad.


With the keyboard’s special embossed buttons and the position they have, you can play your favorite games on TV.


At the same time, you run all of the applications that you have in the way you are accustomed at your desk.


k ey  by UNIQUEmouse combines the mouse and the keyboard in one console.


This has considerable power. Thus, unlike all other consoles, it has the power of shortcuts. That is, very useful keyboard and mouse combinations for quick orders. 


For example, a very useful shortcut for TV, because it is at a distance from the user, is what with one move makes zoom-in-the-out on the screen.

There are also many other shortcuts that make it very easy to use a graphical environment.

Ctrl or Alt + mouse wheel      Zoom in - Zoom out

Alt + Tab     

Alt + F4       

Ctrl + C       

Ctrl + X       

Ctrl + V        

Switch between open apps

Close the active item

Copy selcted items to clipboard

Cut selected items

Paste content from clipboard


Using the mouse and keyboard on the couch is very comfortable with the key.

So with that you can do whatever you want with your TV in the way you are familiar with your PC without being disturbed as it is with other controls.


Windows - macOS TV
Smart TV , Tablet, TVbox
  • standard Keyboard Layout

  • Up to 10 m operating range

  • Rechargeable Lithium battery

  • Low power consumption


The full QWERTY Wireless Keyboard allows

for convenient typing from the same device.

With the USB 2.0 receiver , you can be sure

that the device is compatible with all of your

devices including 

Windows,Mac, Android and Linux.

2,4 Ghz Wireless (Nano Receiver)


Operating range(RF) : 10m


Rechargeable Lithium

Battery (250mAh)

  • Up to 10 m operating range

  • Speed select button 1000-1600 DPI

  • On/off power switch

  • For left and right hand use


DPI1000, 1600

Sensor technology mouseoptica


Number of buttons


Scroll Wheel (Y/N)



Battery life

(6-month battery life)

Battery type

  2AAA battery


Wireless operating distance

Approx 10m 1

Wireless technology

Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity


USB receivel

System Requirements


    • Windows® 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7

    • Mac OS® X 10.10 or later

    • Chrome OS™

    • Linux®

    • USB port

Electronic parts made in China

Designed and assembled in Greece

*in line with the policy of continued development

the manufacturer reserves the right to amend

the specifications without prior notification.

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