1.  smartTV -TVbox -multimidia TV

This is the simplest form of virtual environment on TV. The advantage is its simplicity. The disadvantage is that it's too simple, and you cannot have everything you want on TV.


key by UNIQUEmouse is ideal for multimedia TV because it gives the power of the mouse and keyboard directly to the user.

It has the same way of handling a graphical environment with that all users are accustomed to.

 It is practical for the couch and bed.  


2. TV   +    Windows - macOS


TV + PC.

Apart from your own computer you can connect a new computer specifically for TV.

Large computer manufacturing companies have silent models for the living room.

This way you have all the power of your PC on TV



Of course, in this way the TV stays separate from the computer.


Thus, on the TV screen you will have either     


          a TV program     or       the PC. 


The advantage however is that by pressing a button on the remote control you can go from one environment to the other.


 classic TV



3) Windows TV - macOS TV


TV + PC + TV tuner.

In this way TV is transformed into another simple window for the PC.  TV and PC are not two separate things but one.

The TV is in the PC.



TV tuner

So you can:

a) Watch two or more channels simultaneously

b) Record any broadcast you want, file it and view it whenever you want.

c) Switch from TV to PC directly or have a channel in the background playing and you are dealing with another application.

TV channels, apps and games are all in a single environment


accessible at the same time by the user.


Unlocks the computer world on the TV

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