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Uniquemouse is the first mouse in the world which assumes the shape and form the user desires. 

Thus, it is the first time each user has had the unique opportunity to give his/her mouse  any ergonomic shape that is comfortable and fits in his/her hand best.

The ordinary computer mouse in stock at your local store is not made for you. Yes, they are made to use as a cursor for your computer but for comfort, ease of use, and for health and well being, they’re not.


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The first mouse in the world that not only takes the shape users want but can also be perfectly adjusted to their unique hands, fitting precisely into the form and size of their palms.

Tailored for each one user


Ideal for hard work and long hours of game.



The unique mouse is too simple.

Awakens fond memories of childhood.

A special quality Clay is the basis of the unique mouse.

a unique mouse  -  model with art

perfectly fits the hand

The buttons positioned with great accuracy in the position that suits the user

The buttons can be in height to suit the user

uniquemouse - how it works

The mechanism of the unique mouse is not like the typical mouse

The buttons are separated from the rest of mechanism


So they can be placed where the user wants onto the mouse.

Τhe special clay formed in the shape that the user wants.

The unique mouse is ideal for right-handed and left-handed.
But it's not only that

It is the only mouse that fits perfectly to the needs of each user

Excellent quality materials
the uniquemouse materials

sense of touch

The uniquemouse is not a simple tin can.

All elements onto the mouse are unique and your own choice

You have never stroked the mouse on your desk.

However, the Unique Mouse is really special.  You will often catch yourself touching its unique materials.

You will feel the unique textures, the different temperatures of each distinct special material and the complexity of its aesthetics.      

Dark templar.
This is a unique mouse which consists of the following elements:

100% natural SEA SHELLS  from the Mediterranean.


Austrian Crystal swarovski dark diamond


Black Suede KIDS clay.

The uniquemouse hits

ADJUSTING the weight

Adjusting the center of gravity


be perfectly adjusted to hand

assumes the shape and form the user desires 

several materials with different textures and colors

hard or soft

plain or luxurious

right and left handed

ideal for children

many different shapes with a mechanism

the buttons are free

Ideal for hard work and long hours of game.


The unique mouse is made of children’s dreams.
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