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invisible mouse

The invention that changed the way we handle Lapop TV and PC

Today, all companies use the touchpad - keyboard combination to handle both the Laptop and the TV

But now the keyboard-mouse combination will be used on both the Laptop and the TV

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Now you can play  titles like Age of Empires DE (Microsft), Starcraft , Worcraft , Diablo(Blizzard) , etc at you TV from your couch

You can work with photoshop and  all ather programs for image prosesing


You can design with Autocad , 3dsmax , and all cad prorgrams.

video editing, etc.

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To understand exactly what the Invisible mouse is and why we can really revolutionize laptops and windows Tv you can do the following experiment in your office.

       You can use your bank card. Place it on your desk. Then put your hand on it and move it like it is a mouse. Soon you will understand how you really can move it like a mouse.


Imagine now that this card is on your laptop or on a Windows Tv controller.


       The technical problem here (and as you understand it is not an easy problem) is that you have to fit within this card the powerful mechanism of a gamer mouse with resolutions ranging from 800dpi to 8000dpi


  On the other hand, we have just succeeded in doing so and we can make this real revolution in the field of television and laptops.

the thinnest mouse in the world .jpg
touchpad or airmouse VS clasical mouse


Before we introduce our new models, We would like to think a bit about what the keyboard-touchpad combination means. How many games and how many apps we could play or work on. With touchpad keyboard combination you can do basic things or surf at a relaxed pace. But if you really want to work or play a game then it's simply impossible to do it this way.

So it is useless to buy the new awesome graphics card or the new 8pipe processor on your computer if it does not have a keyboard and a mouse.

This is also the case with windows TV or macOS TV. Without the computer's operation, there can obviously not be a computer on the TV.

IMG_4830 co22py.jpg

The big advantage of couch pad as follows:

It confers to user the ability to operate his TV like doing with his PC, butthis deviceis delicate and ideal for TV and couch, however.

The couchpad actsin two different ways of operating concurrently.

As aresult, the user has a benefit in forms of his health of wrists and fingersbecause he can in two ways to alternate how he can manipulate the game or the application. Consequentially, he can rest his arms.


Actually, this characteristic is very important for manipulating of PC in the same way. For all these reasons, we havespecific models which can be used on TV or like alternative keyboards of PC.Thus the user will have the ability to alternate the way he can operate the PC without pausing his work or his game.

hand copy.jpg
4 prototipes .jpg
The invisible mouse can replace the laptops touch pad. 
invisible prototype.jpg
Not only is couch pad necessary at TV, but it is also for the PC and it links the PC with TV.
cauch pad mouse and 2aces copy.jpg

Every project has three levels.


1) Idea, consideration, conformation


2)the project, the construction and the intensive work



Now the user does not need to process the first and the last step through the computer mouse and keyboard .


Moreover, it is very important that he needn't remain seated all the time.


These two phases could be accomplished
a) At TV and couch

b) with different position and operation, even at the computer

The couch pad

changes the way which we work with,

because we needn't remain seated in front of a desk, but we can use our living room and TV. 

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