TV acquires
Artificial Intelligence

Unique mouse brings in a practical way the PC’s face, power and technology inside TV.


key is ideal for multimedia TV because it gives the power of the mouse and keyboard directly to the user.

Unlocks the computer world on the TV

The game and work of the computer can now be done on the couch and on the TV with the same handling and power as on the desk.

key by UNIQUEmouse brings the simplicity and power of the mouse and keyboard to TV.

Thus, all the power of the PC is released in the comfort of the couch and the bed.
Surfing on TV has the same power and ease as it does on PC. 

The key has the ideal size

the size of a gamepad

It's technologically easy to connect a computer to the TV. 

TV is the largest screen in the house. It also has the best picture and sound quality.  So, it would be good to have a computer connected to it.


HDMI cable


But while the keyboard and the mouse are the best way to handle the computer, unfortunately it is not practical and functional on the couch or on the bed. That's why it's not practical and functional on television as well.

Also, the consoles now available for the TV (such as touch pad consoles or air mouse) do not have the power of the regular keyboard and the regular mouse.

That is, they do not have the practical power of the keyboard and the mouse and are not so easy to use for applications and games.

UNIQUEmouse makes windows TV a reality in the living room.

Whow it is wosrk

Uniquemouse is the first mouse in the world which assumes the shape and form the user desires. 

A new enjoyment on TV and home cinema.

How It Works

One-touch release and grab technology allows not only the mouse to be grasped on the key, but to be released from it automatically by simply touching it by the hand.

So, when you grab it, it is released, while when you leave it out of your hand it remains in the position you leave it. When the user holds the mouse in his/her hands, it is free to move like a classic mouse over a desk....



....while when the user leaves it out of his/her hands then it is grasped on the Mouse pad alone and stays where it the user leaves it. Thus, in this way the user can use the mouse while writing with both hands whenever he/she wants.


The key 
simulates the handling of the computer from your desktop

1.  both hands on the keyboard

2.  one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard

1.  both hands on the keyboard

The mouse does not drop from the mouse pad. Thus, typing is easy as that on your mobile phone. The entire console remains unified as one body. This way you can leave it wherever you want as a simple game pad.


The keyboard though it is a mini one is comfortable and complete. This gives you direct access to all keys as well as numbers, while the basic keys needed in applications and games are readily accessible and at the same positions with a large keyboard.


While the user is using the mouse, he/she has the ability to press keyboard keys as he/she does on his/her desk. This has tremendous power and allows him/her to handle the TV the same way with his/her office computer.


2.  one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard

This feature of the key by UNIQUEmouse allows you to:
A) Surf on the TV with exactly the same power you have on your PC.

B) Handle all PC applications on the TV.

C) Play games on TV such as strategy, point and click etc., which are impossible to play with another console (e.g. with a gamepad) .


Health benefits

With key by UNIQUEmouse now you can reduce the hours you work or play on your PC.
Some office tasks or games on the PC, some others on the TV.
This way you will not be constantly in the same position and at the same posture of the body. Something that can have significant health benefits.


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